5 Habits of Ecohumans

We bet you’re constantly asking yourself “what are the 5 habits of an Ecohuman?”
Even if you don’t we thought we’d tell you anyway! We’ll let you know what it takes to be an Ecohuman and how our habits help us adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.


One of the most important habits practiced by an Ecohuman is to research, research, research!

Knowledge is power, and the best way to navigate in the world of all things eco is to equip yourself with the know-how, what’s what & what’s right for you on your journey to sustainability.

Conscious Consumerism
It’s so easy to get lost in the booming world of sustainability. It’s important to read your product labels and take an interest in the origin and process of how your products are made, as well as the ingredients and materials they are made with.
Whether it’s the labels on fast moving goods (such as food or toiletries) or the labels on investment pieces (such as beddings, clothing & appliances) reading up means it’s much easier for Ecohumans to make conscious, well- informed decisions that can help you to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

Trial & Error
Now that you’re clued up, you start trying out different things that take your fancy.
For example, it’s all well and good if you manage to pick the most perfect shampoo that is:  great for the environment; actually good for your hair type; fits in with your routine; and makes you the hair envy of your friends and family, but in reality that doesn’t always happen the first time around.  
You try and try different sustainable shampoos until one day you look like you’ve just come out of a shampoo advert and you haven’t harmed any bunnies (or any other animal in fact!) in your quest for drop-dead gorgeous hair.

Choose the One That’s Right For You
After wading through all the different options you can now start building up your bank of eco-friendly products, alternatives and practices. Being an Ecohuman is all about making small, manageable and positive changes which add up to a lifetime of good habits.


Mending What We Have
Another  habit of an Ecohuman is to make do with what they have by repairing items instead of replacing in the first instance.  
From electrical items, to clothes and broken vases a bit of TLC really does go a long way in extending the lives of our things. Although it can take a bit of time and elbow grease, we do this as it avoids creating unnecessary demand for items which could have been restored.

Making Do With What We Have
Making do with what we already have is also one of the best ways we keep it green, and save some cash in the process.  A great way to make the most of what we have is by re-using items such as old jars into glasses or as food storage. Thinking of a new mattress for your bed? More often than not, a simple mattress topper is enough to save you from having to replace a whole new mattress!

Making The Most of What We Have
By repurposing items and bringing out the beauty in the things we already have, we are taking a stand against today’s throwaway culture.  From sewing different buttons on a blouse or cardi to upcycling some old furniture there are so many ways to breathe some life back into our beloved possessions.


Another habit of a fully-fledged Ecohuman is to encourage others to live sustainably too.

Spread the Word
By introducing our friends and family to our favourite planet-saving products or sharing some of our best (and easiest!) eco-friendly tips we help open their eyes to sustainable options they may not necessarily come across themselves.
Sharing your vegan friendly meals and eco-friendly purchases and tips on your social media can also help give your family and friends the gentle nudge to try out something new and sustainable. It’s fair to say that all of us are influenced to some degree by what we see online and if our loved ones see an eco-friendly life as the new norm then they’ll want to jump on board too.
Got a cracking Meatless Monday recipe or a sustainable cleaning hack? Share away! It can only do our planet good!

Gift Sustainably
As the big C word approaches you may already be thinking about what to gift your friends and relatives. Gifting consciously and sustainably can encourage others to jumpstart their eco-friendly journeys.
Gifts such as re-usable cups, coconut bowls, sustainable yoga mats & Smart Gardens are great starting off points for newbies!



By that, we mean living sustainably becomes so ingrained to our lives and routines that we even do it in our sleep. By investing in products that help us adopt sustainable habits, we make it easier for ourselves at home and on-the -go.

From smaller to bigger investments, either way we eventually come to learn that these pay off in the long run for our wallets and our planet.

On The Go
Each time we refuse single use items such as plastic bags and straws we help our planet a little bit. By remembering to pack re-usable shopping bags, re-usable coffee cups, and re-usable water bottles we make it easy for ourselves to refuse single use plastic items when we’re on the go. It might take a bit of effort at first to remember to pack these items but before you know it, it becomes a habit.
It’s also important to note that it will take a little bit of investment for a cup, bottle, and shopping bags but with plastic bag charges and the fact that many coffee shops offer a discount for customers with re-usable cups your investments will soon be paying for themselves. The planet and your wallet will thank you for it.


In Our Sleep
Another way to ensure we’re living so sustainably we even do it in our sleep is by making the switch from traditional/cotton beddings to bamboo bedding, pillows, duvets, and toppers. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants on Earth. Due to its highly renewable properties and the fact it only requires 33% of the water that cotton uses, bamboo is overall a much more sustainable choice for Ecohumans.
Whilst it’s important to note that whilst these are much bigger investments than a reusable cup, if you’re looking to replace longer term pieces around the home then you may as well explore your greener options.


The most important part of being an Ecohuman, is the ‘human’ aspect of it all. We realise we’re not perfect, we may slip up occasionally at first but we know the journey to sustainability is long and takes time and some effort.

We also realise the path to sustainability doesn’t include a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Each of us have different wants, needs, time and resources. We adopt the eco-friendly habits we can when it’s right for us.

As Anne Marie Bonneau so beautifully put it: “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”.  

Just by reading this and looking into how you can help the planet, you’re already taking the first step towards being an Ecohuman. As Ecohumans we make small changes to live naturally, ethically and sustainably.

The small changes we make add up to a lifetime of good habits and results in us loving our planet and our planet loving us back.

Let’s take this journey together!

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