How Can I Get the Best Night’s Sleep?

This year has certainly made us all more aware of the importance of our overall health & wellbeing.
A big contributing factor to achieving good overall physical and mental health is making sure we’re getting good quality sleep.
We’ve all been there ourselves, we know that a lack of sleep leads to forgetfulness, irritability and tiredness.
Without proper sleep our brains are unable regenerate and recover properly from the day before.
The long-term effects of inadequate quality sleep include mood swings, worsening of depression and weakening of the immune system.

Benefits of Good Quality Sleep

There are many physical and mental health benefits to be had from sleeping well.
Physical benefits include prevention of excessive weight gain and heart disease, as well as aiding the body to help repair itself.
Being able to sleep well also means your mind can repair itself too. Snoozing soundly also helps you to stay alert and focussed during the day.
Stress levels are reduced and memory can improve.

So How Can I Make Sure to Get a Good Sleep?

With all these wonderful and attainable benefits, why aren’t we doing more to make sure we’re getting good quality sleep?
Below, are just some of the natural ways to ensure you get the good night’s kip you truly deserve.

Reduce Blue Light Exposure

Although environmentally friendly, the blue light that’s comes from our screens and phones trick our brains into thinking its day time and limits our ability fall asleep as quickly.
Try to avoid/limit your screen time before bed, or at the very least put your phone on night mode!

Reduce Caffeine

Almost feels like a sin to say this, but you should try to reduce your coffee and tea intake.
Although caffeine has many temporary benefits such an enhancing our focus, energy, and providing you with the ability to function and feel human on those early mornings; consuming any caffeine up to 6 hours before bed time significantly reduces sleep quality.
Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t have any, but you could certainly invest in some caffeine free coffee & teas, or opt for a lovely hot chocolate instead!

Avoid Alcohol

Although for some people it seems like alcohol has sedative effects and can can induce feelings of relaxation, overall its very disruptive to sleep.
It significantly lessens sleep quality and also impacts the length of time which you are asleep.
Alcohol can also lead to excessive day time sleepiness, amongst other health issues.
(If you are having trouble avoiding alcohol and need help to quit, please follow this link to take your first step or reach out to us at Ecohuman. We’re more than happy to help you find some local support.)

Get the Right Bedding

Investing in the right bedding is also key to getting a restful night’s sleep.
Using quality mattresses, mattress toppers, duvets and pillows are vital to ensuring you are relaxed and comfortable.
Getting the right toppers and pillows are also instrumental in providing you with the proper support to avoid aches and pains.
Certain toppers, such as Panda Bamboo toppers, are also designed to help keep you cool and prevents overheating during the night, helping maintain the ideal body temperature.
Sheets also play a major role in aiding in increasing sleep quality. You should choose sheets which feel soft to the touch, and will also help maintain a comfortable body temperature whilst you sleep.
We spend 30% of our lives in our beds, why shouldn't we invest in good quality bedding to ensure a proper and restful night’s sleep?

No Cat Napping

Stick to your sleep schedule and avoid napping during the day.
In order to help maintain a consistent sleep schedule, you’ll need to avoid those afternoon naps as they can interrupt your routine.
Just ensure you’re getting the right amount of sleep and you won’t need those naps!

Create the Perfect Environment for Sleep

Dim those lights and keep noise to a minimum before bed. This helps you to transition to bedtime and aid in the increase of melatonin (a hormone that helps you sleep).
It’ll also vary from Ecohuman to Ecohuman, but keeping your bedroom at the right temperature also helps to optimise your sleep.
By introducing natural aromas such as lavender, you can also create a deeply soothing scent to help relax the senses.

Meditation & Yoga

Practicing a bit of meditation or low intensity yoga before hitting the hay is an awesome way to help release any physical and mental anguish from the day.
Calm your mind and slowly drift off to a blissful sleep!

Now Go Catch Yourself Some Zzzzz's

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to not to take our health for granted.
In a world where there is very little we can control at the moment, it’s nice to know there are still some things within our control, such as looking after our mind and our bodies in the best way we can.
With most of us being at home, now is the perfect time to evaluate our overall health & mental well-being and good quality sleep is such a fundamental part of this.
By practicing some, if not all, of the sleep hygiene tips we’ve mentioned above you’ll be on your way to the most peaceful and tranquil slumber, not just tonight but for all your night’s ahead.
Sleep eaZZZZZZy Ecohumans!

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