How to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas


At Christmas it’s so easy to go overboard, but celebrating with all the bells and whistles needn’t cost the Earth.

With the festive season fast approaching, now is a good time as any to think of all the ways we can make sure we can keep it ‘green’ this Christmas. 


Use What You Already Have

The first tip on our list doesn’t require you to do anything at all! Even if you only have plastic baubles and decorations just use them and make the most out of what you already have before investing in eco-friendly alternatives.

Plastic Free Decorations

If you do find yourself in need of some decorations, opt for wooden, natural, fabric or glass decorations. Not only are these great plastic free alternatives, they will certainly give your home a cosy and rustic feel for many years to come.

Make Your Own Decorations

Time at home is a luxury some of us have at the moment so why not try and make some sustainable decorations. With items such as recycled paper, twigs, dried oranges and cinnamon sticks and twine you can make some eco-friendly decorations to liven up your home.

LED Lights

If it's time to buy some new lights, whether it’s for outdoor use or for your tree you should always try and use LED lights. With the durable construction of new LED lights and the fact they consume 80-90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, these are a sure win for the planet!

If you also want to go that step further, use a plug-in timer for your lights to make sure you are only leaving your lights on when you want them saving you time, effort and energy.




Make Your Own Gift Tags

Why not upcycle last year’s Christmas cards to this year’s gift tags? Some of us simply can’t bear to just bin cards from our loved ones, but by repurposing into tags we can share the joy of these cards with others. 

Opt for Second-Hand Gifts

Purchasing pre-loved items such as antiques, collectibles, classic/quality toys instead of new gifts is not only kind to the planet but to your wallet too. 

Gift a Gift That Lasts & Encourages Positive Sustainable Habits

Of course, we all strive to give our loved ones the perfect gifts but it can be so tempting to panic buy presents that may end up not being used.

This year let’s try and make each and every gift we give count by gifting things that add value and purpose to our loved ones’ lives.

Presents such as plants, coconut bowls , re-usable coffee mugs & yoga mats are all gifts that go beyond Christmas and help to re-enforce positive habits all around. 

Donate to a Charity or Local Foodbank

Instead of traditional presents, you could donate to a local foodbank or charity on behalf of your loved ones. This year has been difficult for many people and by making a charitable donation you can also spread joy to others in need.  




Recycled Paper

Opt for recycled paper for wrapping presents. Kraft paper is the perfect sustainable choice and looks wonderfully rustic!

Spruce up with some Christmas tree sprigs, dried oranges or even some wooden or metal tree decorations which can be used again and again!  


Use washi tape for gift wrapping as its biodegradable and sustainable. Washi tape is made from natural fibres such as bamboo or hemp and the bark of trees native to Japan such as the gampi tree.

Goes without saying that if you still have plenty of traditional sellotape lying around you should still use it, just use sparingly!

The festive season is all about spreading love and joy and this really shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet.

Let’s make this year our most eco-friendly Christmas yet. Small changes can make a world of difference to reducing our carbon footprint during Christmas.

Wishing our Ecohumans all the best over the festive period, and we truly hope you are able to make the most of this season!

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