Self Care & Eco Tips For June

Self Care & Eco Tips to try this June


Hey Ecohumans,

Hope you’re all as best as can be during these challenging times. Now more than ever, we’re realising the importance of self-care.

With the additional pressures on all our lives at the moment we need to make sure we’re taking care of our mental and physical health and where possible look after the planet too.

We’ve put together a short list of tips we ourselves have adopted in our lives, we hope these help you too in some way!

Waste Not Want Not

  • About to bin potato skins after peeling them for mash? Just sprinkle some salt & oil and pop in the oven for some crisps.
  • Have some overripe bananas? Make some banana bread or freeze to use in smoothies at a later date.
  • Hate having to throw away veg scraps? Freeze and make some stock once you have collected enough, and don’t forget to compost once you’re done!
  • Broccoli stalks not for you? Chop into chunks and freeze until you have collected enough for soup.
  • If you’re about to tuck into some oranges or toss some lemon and limes after juicing, use the peels for some citrus infused water.
  • Stems of greens like kale and chard are packed with fibre and nutrients, and make wonderful additions to smoothies.

Pamper Yourself

For some easy pampering we love to throw together a coffee scrub, and whip up a coconut hair mask!

For coffee scrubs we use dried leftover coffee grounds and mix up with some liquid castile soap. If you don’t have castile soap, use whatever shower gel/cream you have or you can even grate some of your soap bar and work in your hands with some water before scrubbing away.

There are so many different scent combinations that go well with coffee our favourites are nutty or citrus scents, we think they complement a coffee scrub perfectly! If you don’t have coffee grounds, sugar works just as well!

For a coconut hair mask, just whip up some coconut oil in a bowl until it becomes light and fluffy and pop in a jar. Of course, you don’t need to whip but it’s much easier to apply if whipped and goes on the hair more evenly.

Just apply to your hair focusing on the ends and leave on for however long you want (can range from half an hour to sleeping overnight in a shower cap) and shampoo off.  Whipped coconut oil also makes for a great body butter!


Keep yourself and your family entertained. Re-discover your old books and DVDs or if you’ve got Netflix you can use Netflix Roulette online to explore new titles you wouldn’t normally.

If you’ve read all the books in your house, check out Project Gutenberg, Many Books and Librivox for some free audio and e-books!


Take some time for yourself each day to simply relax. As you’re reading this, soften your face, unclench your jaw and relax your shoulders – just a gentle reminder to take a moment each day to release some tension and if you’ve got the time and energy do a little more if you can. Yoga with Adrienne is a great source for yoga practices – you can select by length, skill level or by any ailments you’d like to attend to. If yoga isn’t for you, practising the art of mindfulness may be a good alternative. Headspace are currently offering free short meditations, sleep and movement exercises to help support everyone at the moment.

Hand Health

Remember to look after your hands! With all the additional hand washing at the moment, let’s try and turn off our taps when we’re not rinsing to save some water!

Use hand cream after washing, this is key to keeping your hands in top shape as cracked and bleeding hands are more susceptible to infections – you can read more about that here.

Power Usage

With most of us being at home more than usual at the moment we should try and be conscious of our power usage to help keep bills down and reduce energy waste.

Turn off lights when they’re not in use, don’t overfill the kettle, unplug phone and laptop chargers when they’re not in use – every little helps!

We hope some of you find some of our suggestions useful. With so much uncertainty and hardship in the world right now we truly hope you’re taking the time to care for yourself in all the ways you possibly can.

The world will be different in so many ways once we’ve navigated ourselves through the crisis, we’re sure to come out the other end as stronger people and an even stronger community.

Take care, and stay safe Ecohumans.

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  • Jillian Jean

    This is lovely and made me smile. The people behind Ecohuman really are trying to create a family feeling that we can all be part of wherever we live. I look forward to the next one. I will read the tips at my leisure and use some of them I’m sure. It’s like enjoying a chat and sharing tips with a trusted friend.

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