Sustainable Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween fast approaching it’s important to start thinking about all the ways we, as Ecohumans, can celebrate this holiday sustainably and guilt-free, without sacrificing any ghoulish fun.

The UK is expected to spend over £472 million on Halloween alone, and scarily most of this is on costumes and accessories that are likely to be used only once a year or may never be re-used at all. If you’re asking yourself how much waste Halloween produces, perhaps it’s worth noting that the most frightening thing about this holiday is that it is estimated to generate around 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste in the UK.

As Ecohumans, it’s our responsibility to live as sustainably as possible in any and every way we can. Fortunately, Halloween costumes don’t necessarily have to be bad for the environment. From zero to low waste ideas, there’s a so many ways you can dress up for Halloween without sacrificing the planet or your wallet!

Borrow Your Costume

The best (and definitely the easiest) approach to take if you want to dress up for Halloween is to borrow a costume from your friends and family. Whether it’s for you or for your child, there is bound to be a plethora of used costumes within your social circle. Not only does borrowing from a loved one save you money, it’s also completely zero-waste. What’s not to love about this idea?!

Rent a Costume

A great way to avoid buying anything new and supporting a local business is to rent your costume. Renting is also a great way to be able to wear an expensive costume without the hefty price tags. Unless of course you stain or damage your costume, in which case you will need to factor in any additional cleaning or repair fees.

If you’re an Ecohuman who’s also short on time then renting is a great option for you. Limit your stress and leave it to the professionals to dress you up this Halloween.

DIY Halloween Costumes Using Clothes You Already Own

If borrowing or renting a costume isn’t suitable for you then you can always put together a Halloween outfit using clothes you already have. That’s not to say your clothes are frightening, but with one or two simple wardrobe staples and a bit of creativity you can certainly churn out a costume that’s perfect for Halloween!

Got some black jeans and a stripey top? Then you can be a bank robber.

Or can you pull off your little black dress with some pigtails and a mischievous look upon your face? Wednesday Adams!

Got a pink dress, a blue jacket and a box of waffles handy? Yes? Well, then you can be Eleven from Stranger Things!

If you also know your way around a face paint brush and have a slick black trouser suit (and bow tie) then you can dress up as a skeleton.

You get the drift. Those were just some ideas off the tops of our heads but if you pop on your thinking cap we’re sure you are you can come up with something sustainable and even more spooktacular.

Buy Second Hand

If you do have to or want to buy your costume then (if possible) opt to purchase something second hand from charity shops or online retailers such as Ebay.

There’s plenty of reasons to shop pre-loved but the best thing about it is by choosing to buy something that’s already in circulation, you’re also avoiding adding to our plastic pollution.

Upcycle An Old Bedsheet

I think you can probably guess where we’re going with this one…

If you have a spare bed sheet that is no longer fit for its original purpose then take some scissors, cut out some eye holes and you can dress up as Casper the (eco)Friendly ghost!

Or if Casper isn’t really floating your boat then luckily there’s plenty of other ways you can upcycle your old bedsheet.

Low Waste Costume Ideas

If you want to take your DIY costumes to the next level, there are certainly ways you can put together an outfit with some effort and very little waste. If you have some blue or red loungewear to spare then you can turn these into an Elmo or Captain America costume for some DIY Halloween costumes for kids.

Make Your Own Face Paint

Like most of us, you may have some colours in your eyeshadow pallete that’s aren’t quite to your liking as an eyeshadow but you know would make the perfect colour for a face paint. If you have some foundation or concealer to spare you can mix some up with a bit of eyeshadow to make a pliable, highly-pigmented facepaint.

Not only are you saving yourself some pennies, but you’re also saving some make up that may have been destined for the bin! To top it off, don’t forget to remove your work of art with an eco-friendly cleanser and finish up with a soothing moisturiser before the night is over.

Opt for Sustainable Face Paint, Lashes & Glitter

Last but certainly not least (when possible) Ecohumans should also opt for sustainable face paint, lashes & glitter this spooky season. By choosing organic face paint, cruelty-free/vegan lashes and biodegradable glitter you can still look fabulous without compromising the environment.

An Ecohuman Halloween

Over the recent years, Halloween has become more and more popular and rising sales of single-use costumes and unsustainable decorations are eclipsing the season. As Ecohumans, we can take a stand against the throwaway culture that surrounds Halloween by putting a little more thought into our costumes and by using sustainable Halloween decorations. Who says we need to choose between our planet and some good old fashioned Halloween fun!

Let’s take this journey together.

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