We're Nuts for Coconuts – It's World Coconut Day!

Today (2 September 2020) is World Coconut Day!

Bringing you our very own ‘living’ coconut bowls from the Philippines has been one of the most fulfilling things we’ve done at Ecohuman so far.

From discarded coconut shells to beautiful bespoke bowls —  no two are the same — creating a whole new eco-friendly way to enjoy food and with the added benefit that a hungry Filipino child will benefit from a tasty meal with every one sold. 





Our ‘lightbulb’ moment

The idea to repurpose the coconut shells into handy bowls unfolded during one of our regular trips to the Philippines where we visit family and friends.

As we eagerly watched Filipino craftsmen at work, we hatched a plan to bring these fully biodegradable and eco-friendly coconut shells back home to Scotland.

We’ve been very excited to work with and employ local Filipino people to harvest and shape the shells into multi-purpose bowls and then ship them over to us. Coconut shells usually end up in landfill sites in huge numbers but they are the ideal shape to make into bowls. We do a final sand, polish and brand the bowls ourselves at our Edinburgh warehouse. It really is a labour of love for us.

Show your bowl some love

When the bowls are given a regular ‘feed’ with coconut oil it keeps them in tip-top condition and enriches the grain running trough them. So caring for them can be a fun way for families to enjoy being eco-friendly by looking after their bowls for the long-term.

Sustainable and tactile

These new ‘living’ coconut bowls are sustainable and take their name from the 16th-century Portuguese and Spanish word “cocos” which means “smiling faces” because of the three holes in the coconut husk which looks like a face :)

The bowls have rolled their way onto a few of your breakfast and dinner tables already so thank you for supporting us in our collaborate venture with The Philippines.

As some of you will have read, each bowl sold includes a cheerful story about its life and creation and is a little keepsake that we send send out with each one.

We’re ethically minded

For every bowl sold we feed a hungry Filipino child in need. As well as paying local suppliers fair wages, we also strive to support local communities where they need it most.

As well sourcing these coconut shells ethically through our reliable ‘man on the ground’ in the Philippines, we gladly donate ten percent of our profits to ecological charities around the world.

In a further bid to reduce waste we have also commissioned cutlery to be made from a coconut tree that was to be cut down and abandoned due to the tree no longer bearing fruit.

We’ve noticed a couple of bowls have made good their escape and jumped into a few Ecohuman Subscription Boxes which our customers tell us have been an unexpected surprise.

Come and join us in cerebrating World Coconut Day and enjoy a fresh new way sustainable way  new Eco-friendly way of eating.



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