The Essential Ecohuman Box

The Essential Ecohuman Box


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All Ecohuman boxes are vegan and cruelty free.

Love our planet and love yourself.

Every month we carefully hand-pick items from across our health and beauty range. And to top if off, every so often you'll receive one of our own hand made natural living items which include bamboo straws and cutlery and our own coconut bowls.

The Essential Ecohuman Box is perfect for new Ecohumans or Ecohumans that want us to help brighten up their eco-journey.

Each Essential Box will contain a minimum of 5 items per month including one full sized item. You can choose what type of item you would like or let us surprise you each month.

Every three months your box will contain a Bamboo Toothbrush because we know it's difficult to remember dentists' orders!

We ship our boxes during the second week of the month. The cut-off order date is the 5th of the month. Subsequent boxes will be charged on the 1st of the month of delivery.

No minimum term contract for our Ecohumans. You can choose to cancel or suspend your subscription at any time before the 1st of the month.